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With a CFO consulting firm, you are perfectly equipped to help small businesses and CEOs reach their goals. Gone are the days when only large corporations had the money and resources for dedicated financial teams. Today, even the smallest businesses and newest startups can achieve financial insight with the help of CFO advisory services.

Businesses of all sizes are seeking financial services from knowledgeable CFO consulting firms. While small businesses may rely greater on outside resources, financial consulting services are attractive to large organizations as well. CFO advisory services are cost effective for many businesses, and CFO firms with niche specialties can offer invaluable insights and deliverables for their industry.

Now is the time to capitalize on the growing interest in CFO advisory services. If you are starting your own CFO firm, or even considering it, keep reading to learn the top five CFO advisory services businesses are seeking.

Cash management is a crucial insight for any business. From well-established organizations to startups, every company can benefit by gaining insight into their cash position. With a CFO consulting firm, you can offer a wide range of data and insights across multiple categories, including cash, profit, growth, and market share. These insights can be tailored to fit the specific needs and goals of your client. For most businesses, however, cash management will be a necessity.

CFO firms offering advisory services can help businesses identify how they are spending their cash, how quickly cash is flowing out, and how long they can maintain their cash flow. Many small businesses and startups do not have the internal resources needed to dive into the data and gain an understanding of all factors involved in cash management.

You can also offer cash flow projects to help organizations understand future cash positions. With these insights, businesses can plan for potential cash shortfalls and unforeseen crises. Your CFO advisory services will enable small business owners to make informed decisions on paying their bills and maintaining the necessary cash to operate their business.

Profitability Analysis

If you start your own CFO consulting firm, you have the opportunity to help many businesses grow and evolve. You become a valued part of their team, working together to reach a goal. Part of the reason CFO advisory services are highly sought after is their ability to be customized. When you work closely with a business, you can better understand their unique needs and challenges, tailoring your services accordingly. One area this can be seen is profitability analysis.

Small businesses often rely on simple profit and loss statements to understand their profitability, but you know it goes far beyond that. You can provide key insights into customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value, and the ratio of LTV/CAC. By offering CFO advisory services, you can help business leaders gain true visibility into their profitability, even if they do not have the bandwidth to accomplish this on their own.


Every business needs a solid budget to serve as a financial roadmap. However, small businesses often lack the resources necessary to maintain salaries for specialized financial professionals. You can help these companies organize their growth on paper and visualize what is needed to reach their goals. By paying for CFO advisory services instead of hiring full-time employees, the business is able to gain critical insight into their financial status and goals without overspending.

For CFO consulting firms that specialize in a niche industry, budgeting services are even more valuable. You can provide a considerable wealth of knowledge and experience for your clients, offering guidance as well as financial insights. You are able to tailor a clear and comprehensive budget specifically for your client, developing individual team goals, checkmarks, and more. As a crucial member of your client’s team, you can provide them with the tools they need to manage all aspects of their business.

Drivers of Growth

Small businesses and startups often want to see fast growth, and even the largest businesses want to continue to grow. Many business leaders come to the realization that identifying underlying drivers of growth is a complicated task. With a CFO consulting firm, you can provide key insights into the right drivers of growth for your clients. Businesses will rely on your experience and skills to measure factors that drive their business growth, making you an invaluable resource.

Going even further, you can provide CFO advisory services that monitor drivers of growth and create the proper systems to manage growth. You can help your clients understand what course of action is best once milestones are reached and how drivers of growth impact their revenue. Instead of offering a one-time service, you have the ability to generate recurring revenue while helping your clients reach their goals.

Current Projects

Every business leader needs a reality check from time to time. You can offer CFO advisory services that closely evaluate a business’ current initiatives. While most businesses need ongoing projects and initiatives along with their daily operations, many projects are launched based on gut feelings or the whim of a CEO. Your CFO consulting firm can help a business determine whether a project is worth the investment of time and resources.

When clients understand the performance of their initiatives, they can use their time and money more effectively. You can provide clear data on new projects, including potential impacts on revenue and correlations between various factors. Armed with the right insights, your clients can make confident and informed decisions.

Are you offering the right CFO advisory services?

Now is the perfect time to start your own CFO consulting firm because CFO advisory services are in high demand. The five services described above are needed by countless small businesses and CEOs who are actively searching for financial help. More and more businesses are recognizing the value CFO advisory services can provide for their organization and turning to CFO consulting firms for guidance.

If you want to start a CFO consulting firm and don’t know where to begin, The Expert CFO can guide you through the process. If you are looking to grow your current CFO consulting firm and expand your services, we can teach you how to effectively add new services. Your client base is out there, and we can show you how to access them. Best of all, you can grow your business at a rate that works for you and add services at a sustainable pace.

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