Introducing: The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch with Dallas Alford IV, CPA


The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch is a comprehensive training course where I take your hand and guide you through the entire process of starting and growing your bookkeeping business. I teach you everything you need to know!

When You Join The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch , You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

On demand and in-depth training videos covering everything you need to start and grow your bookkeeping business, including: QuickBooks mastery, getting clients, and pricing your services!

($1,997 Value)

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Lunch

But WAIT! That's Not All...


Bonus #1: Checklists & Templates

Save a ton of time with all of the checklists and templates you'll need for your bookkeeping business. Including: client onboarding checklists, monthly closing checklists, proposal templates, engagement letter templates, credit card & ACH authorization forms, and many more!

($497 Value)


Bonus #2: Bookkeeping Services Pricing Calculator

Take the guesswork out of figuring out a monthly fee to charge clients for your bookkeeping services. Just enter the answers the client gives you on the consultation phone call and my proprietary calculator will generate a monthly fee that allows you to maximize profitability!

($497 Value)


Bonus #3: Profile Critique Video

Write the perfect profile describing yourself, your services, and the value you offer, which will bring in a steady stream of ideal clients on autopilot! I explain the entire process of crafting a great profile which you'll be able to use on all your marketing materials. I even break down an actual student's first draft and build it back up into a profile that really sings and gets clients!

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

(value $3,000)

Today only $1,997 (save $1,003)

Take a peek inside The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch training program...

Module 1: Setting Up Your Business

Everything you'll need to get your business set up properly. We'll discuss: business names, legal structures, insurance, getting your EIN, setting up your bank accounts, setting up your merchant account to accept credit cards & ACH payments, and much more. We also cover how to start your business on the side while working a 9-5 job, as well as all of the technology and other things you'll need to work remotely.

Module 2: Bookkeeping Fundamentals

For those new to bookkeeping, we cover all the fundamental concepts you'll need to know to be an amazing bookkeeper. From debits and credits to financial statements and everything in-between!

Module 3: QuickBooks Mastery

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the most popular bookkeeping platform on the market and by the end of this set of lessons, you'll be an absolute master! You'll learn everything QBO can do, including little-known tips and tricks that will save you many hours when working on client books. I'll even guide you through passing the basic and advanced QBO certification exams.

Module 4: Monthly Bookkeeping Service Delivery

Now that we're QuickBooks masters, we'll need to become experts at all of the tasks we'll be performing for clients on a monthly basis. This is our opportunity to not only account for transactions properly, but to add value that will make our clients more money while saving them time. We'll cover: coding transactions, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory, sales tax, account reconciliations, and financial statements.

Module 5: Marketing Strategies

Perhaps the most robust part of the program, this module is jam-packed with the latest and greatest marketing strategies that will result in a line of clients waiting at your door! And when that happens, you'll be able to pick and choose who you want to work with...the most profitable clients, the ones in the industries that most interest you, etc. These are the exact same strategies I'm using today to continue to grow my bookkeeping business!

Module 6: Pricing Your Services

Forget the low hourly rates that most bookkeepers are getting! Instead, learn how to charge a premium monthly fee which is based on the specific value that we provide our clients. We'll cover exactly how to quantify that value while factoring in the services the client needs to easily generate a monthly fee that maximizes profitability for you!

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

(value $3,000)

Today only $1,997 (save $1,003)

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The Complete The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

(value $3,000)

Today only $1,997 (save $1,003)

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I land my first bookkeeping client?

Students are typically able to land their first client in 6-8 weeks. Of course, this depends on many factors, including the amount of time spent on the program. I've had students land their first client much sooner than that, and I've had students land their first client much later than that. Everybody's situation is unique and this program allows you to work when you want, and at the pace you are comfortable with. That's why I offer lifetime access and unlimited email support.

What do I actually get when I join?

Once you enroll in Booming Bookkeeping Business™, you'll immediately be emailed your username and password to login to the online course. Inside, you'll find the training videos and be given further instructions on how to register for the weekly live video coaching calls, as well as how to request access our private student community. The online course is also where you'll access the bonuses that are included when you enroll (Checklists & Templates, Bookkeeping Services Pricing Calculator, and Profile Critique Video). Finally, you also get lifetime access to the course (including all future updates) as well as unlimited email support.

Who is this Bill Von Fumetti guy and why him?

Great question! I own a very successful bookkeeping practice in Redondo Beach, California and I've been helping others start their very own bookkeeping businesses since 2017. As a result of owning and operating my own practice, I'm always on the cutting edge of technology, bookkeeping business management, and strategies for getting clients. I only work with a small group of students because I work closely with everyone to help ensure their success. I am sincerely committed to the success of everyone I work with and do everything I can to help them reach their goals.

On a personal note, I'm a family man and love spending time with my beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and our baby girl, Capri!

Do I get one-on-one access to Bill Von Fumetti personally?

Yes! Every week we all meet on a live video call where I share my screen and answer all of your questions to keep you on the fast-track. As you know, I only work with a small group of people and this allows me to do these calls and answer each person's questions. In addition, you get unlimited email support from me so you never get stuck.

How long is this course and how many hours will it take per week?

Booming Bookkeeping Business™ is designed to be completed in 6-8 weeks if you are able to spend about 5 hours per week on the program. However, keep in mind that you should work at your own pace, as everyone's situation is unique. Many of my students work a full-time job while starting their business on the side so they have a limited amount of time to dedicate to the program. I also work with many people who are retired and, as a result, have more time to dedicate. With lifetime access, my program and I will support you as long it takes to reach your goals. Move at the pace that works for you and your family!

Do I need to be a CPA or have an accounting degree to start a bookkeeping business?

No! In fact, neither of the two best bookkeepers I know have a license or an accounting degree. They've just focused on the 2 foundations of a successful bookkeeping business: being a great bookkeeper and being great at getting clients. Both of these things can be taught to anyone with a desire to learn! To be honest, being a CPA can be a disadvantage because prospective clients assume that bookkeeping services provided by a CPA is going to be expensive. Nerd Alert: I got my CPA license only because I enjoy saving people money on taxes!

What if I don't know anything about bookkeeping or QuickBooks?

I'll teach you everything you need to know! With the proper coach, bookkeeping and QuickBooks can be learned relatively quickly. I've helped many people build successful bookkeeping businesses with no prior experience.

What kind of support do I get in this program?

When you enroll in Booming Bookkeeping Business™, you receive all the support you'll need to create the bookkeeping business of your dreams. First, every week we do a live video call where I answer all of your questions. Second, you get access to our private student community where you can ask questions and get advice from me, others in the program, and those who have had success with the program and are currently running their own bookkeeping businesses. Finally, you get unlimited email support from me so that nothing will stand in the way of your goals.

When does the program start and what happens if I go on vacation and need to take some time off?

You will receive your login username and password immediately upon enrolling in Booming Bookkeeping Business™ so you can start as soon as you like. The program allows you to work at your own pace, and with lifetime access, you don't need to worry if you need to take some time off here and there.

Am I too young or too old to start a bookkeeping business?

No! All your clients will care about is whether or not you're a great bookkeeper. And if you aren't already, I'll teach you that. I work with students of all ages. In fact, my oldest sudent is in his 70s! He was afraid that prospective clients would think he was too old. While that may be the case when interviewing for a typical full-time job, when you own a bookkeeping business, experience is at a premium and a little gray hair can work in your favor!

What if I'm not ready now? Can you hold my spot for a few months?

Unfortunately, I cannot. I only work with a small group of people because it allows me to help ensure each person's success. In addition, I operate a very busy bookkeeping practice of my own so I'm not able to keep enrollment for this program open continuously.

Why would you want to create more competition for yourself?

You're underestimating just how huge the demand for good bookkeepers is! Every business needs to keep accounting records and cloud technology allows us to work with clients all over the country. I get calls every single day from business owners needing bookkeeping services. At times, it's more business than I can even take on. So, no, competition is not a concern for me and it shouldn't be for you either.

Do we have lifetime access to the course? What about updates?

Yes! You get lifetime access to the Booming Bookkeeping Business™ course, including all future updates. I am always adding new lessons, especially regarding new marketing techniques. QuickBooks also makes regular upgrades to its software so I ensure you are on top of all of those changes. I really want you to be successful no matter how long it takes you!

Do I need to be good at math?

Contrary to popular belief, the truth is, you really only need to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide! There are no advanced math skills required to be a great bookkeeper. What's more, QuickBooks does virtually all of the math for us!

As a business owner, will I be working more hours than a typical 9-5?

No! In fact, you'll likely be working less. In some cases, far less! Owning your own bookkeeping business allows you the freedom to work as much or as little as you want while earning the level of income you desire.

Why are you offering this program?

I love accounting but I discovered a true passion for teaching. The first person I ever helped start a bookkeeping business was a family friend who happened to be a single mother. Her husband had just left her and she was struggling to pay her bills. She had no bookkeeping experience but she did have the two most important qualities it takes to succeed: determination and a strong work ethic. I taught her exactly what I did to build my successful bookkeeping business and eventually she was able to quit her 9-5 job because her bookkeeping business was able to replace that income. I can't put into words how rewarding it felt to be a part of her success. Bookkeeping literally changed her life. I knew how liberating it felt to own my own business but when I saw the dramatic impact it had on my friend's life, I discovered a passion for wanting to help others do the same thing.

Is there a payment plan to help split the payments up and make it more affordable?

Yes! I aim to help as many people (who are serious and dedicated) as possible. Some people just don't have access to the pay-in-full price of $1,997. So again, for people who are serious and dedicated, I offer the option of paying for the program in 12 monthly payments of $197. That's one payment of $197 today, then $197 per month for the next 11 months. Keep in mind that paying in full saves $367 over the payment plan option.

Why is the course so expensive?

As you're talking to prospective bookkeeping clients, you may get this question from time to time as well! Your answer should really focus on helping them see the value of what you're offering and inspire them to make an investment in themselves. 

If I were to offer you a bookkeeping business that provides the income and freedom that you're looking for, what would that be worth to you? I think you'd agree that it'd be worth a whole lot more than $1,997. So the question becomes, do you think that with me holding your hand every step of the way, showing you exactly what to do, showing you the exact steps that so many of my other students have taken to build their successful bookkeeping businesses, that you can build yours as well? If so, this turns into one of the best decisions and smartest investments you may make in your professional life.

In addition, keep in mind that I only work with a small group of people which is why I can help ensure my students' success. As a result, I truly believe the cost of Booming Bookkeeping Business™ is fair considering the value and commitment to your success that I provide.

Finally, consider that landing just one client, even the smallest type of client you'll work with, more than pays for the cost of the course. I've never worked with anyone who wasn't able to get at least one client and I don't plan on that changing!


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