CFO Training Program

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch with Dallas L Alford IV, CPA

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch is a comprehensive train at your own pace training where I teach you literally everything you need to know to start a successful bookkeeping business that has six figure income potential even if you currently have no bookkeeping experience.


When You Join The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch Training

The most comprehensive  on demand and train at your own pace training videos that consists of over 120 hours of training and cover everything from A to Z that you need to know to start a profitable bookkeeping business.  Topics covered include:  the fundamentals of accounting, bookkeeping bootcamp, mastering QuickBooks online, marketing your bookkeeping firm, marketing techniques to get clients FAST even if you have no sales experience and how to price your services for maximum profit.

($2,497 Value)

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

Weekly Live Team Coaching Calls

Every week we’ll have a team coaching call to discuss key topics around running a successful bookkeeping business. Topics include the technical aspects of bookkeeping, marketing your business, pricing your services, servicing your clients and everything else you need to know to start a successful bookkeeping business.  Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

($3,000 Value)

Coaching Calls

Access to The Expert Bookkeeper Student Support Group

When you join The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch, you will gain immediate access to our private student online support group.  The purpose of this group is to surround you with like-minded individuals that are working towards building a six figure bookkeeping business.  The Expert CFO support team interacts with the group daily to ensure everyone's success.

($2,000 Value)

Support Group

But WAIT! If You Join Us Today, I’m Going To Give You Four Bonuses Worth Over $2,500…


Bonus #1: Professionally Designed Marketing Materials

As we stress in our training, marketing is critical to your success.  You will be provided with professionally designed marketing materials that can be customized for your business.  This will allow you to hit the ground running with marketing your business on Day 1!

($499 Value)

Marketing Materials

Bonus #2: Checklists & Templates

Save a ton of time with all of the checklists and templates you'll need for your bookkeeping business. Including: client onboarding checklists, monthly closing checklists, proposal templates, engagement letter templates, credit card & ACH authorization forms, and many more!

($497 Value)


Bonus #3: Jump Start Marketing Plan

Our Jump Start Marketing Plan is designed to help you land your first client within the first thirty to sixty days. The plan uses proven marketing strategies and techniques that you can start implementing on Day 1 to land your first client as fast as possible.  These techniques are proven, very cost effective and work regardless of whether or not you have any sales experience.

($997 Value)

Jump Start Marketing

Bonus #4: The Expert CFO Pricing Tool

With The Expert CFO Pricing Tool, you will be comfortable that you are properly pricing your services for maximum profitability and client satisfaction.  With our tool, it’s as easy as entering the answers the client gives you on the business analysis questionnaire and the pricing tool will generate a monthly fee that allows you to maximize profitability while ensuring client satisfaction.

($499 Value)

Pricing Tool

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

(Value $7,497)

Today Only $2,497 (Save $5,000)

(Limited Seating Available)

12 Installments

1 Installment

Take a peek inside The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch training program...

Module 1: Bookkeeping Business Basics

In this module, we discuss all the administrative things you need to do to get your bookkeeping business launched.  We discuss:  legal business entity types, insurance coverage you should consider, applying for your EIN, setting up your business bank, setting up your own Quickbooks online account, setting up your merchant account within QuickBooks to accept credit cards & ACH payments, and much more. We also discuss the general types of technology you will need to start an efficient profitable bookkeeping business.

Module 2: The Fundamentals of Accounting

In this module we do a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of accounting and break it down to where anyone can learn the fundamentals of accounting that you will need to know to start a successful bookkeeping business.  We've been told that what we cover in this training is equivalent to getting a two year degree in accounting.

Module 3: QuickBooks Online Bootcamp

Over 90% of small businesses in the United States use QuickBooks online as their preferred accounting software.  This module goes into the mechanics of using QuickBooks online to do bookkeeping for your clients.  QuickBooks is by far the most popular bookkeeping software used in the marketplace. After this module, you will be an expert user of QuickBooks and will even be ready to become QuickBooks Pro Certified if you choose to do so.

Module 4: Jump Start Marketing

With this module, we immediately set you up with customized marketing materials and introduce you to our jump start marketing plan so that you can begin implementing and working on our proven marketing methods while you move through the training.  The techniques we teach you in this module work regardless if you have any sales experience.  In fact, we teach you where to look to find businesses that are coming to you asking for your services! This ensures you will get a client in the first 30 to 45 days.

Module 5: Marketing Your Business

Being able to effectively market your business and services has a direct impact on your success and growth, hence the reason this module is so in-depth.  In this module we go in-depth about things you should be doing both online and offline to market your bookkeeping business. We even help you implement tools such as our automated marketing card system that will put your marketing on auto pilot.  All the strategies and techniques I teach in this module are the exact same things I did to grow my CFO consulting firm to well over seven figures.

Module 6: Landing The Client

In this module, we teach you how to start out being a trusted business advisor from Day 1.  You will learn how to fill out the business analysis questionnaire based on discussions you have with prospective clients in addition to your review of their current bookkeeping files. Based on this, you will then learn how to properly price your services and prepare a proposal to show prospects the value your service adds.  Once you learn how to do this, prospects will agree to your proposed fees with absolutely no objections.

After landing the client this module discusses client onboarding and things that need to be done and put in place to ensure a successful relationship with your clients from the very start.

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

(Value $7,497)

Today Only $2,497 (Save $5,000)

(Limited Seating Available)

12 Installments

1 Installment

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The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

(Value $7,497)

Today Only $2,497 (Save $5,000)

(Limited Seating Available)

12 Installments

1 Installment

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I land my first bookkeeping client?

Students are typically able to land their first client in 4-8 weeks. Of course, this depends on many factors, including the amount of time spent on the program. Some students may land their first client much sooner than that, while some students land their first client much later than that. Everybody's situation is unique and depends on one's efforts. This program allows you to work when you want, and at the pace you are comfortable with. That's why The Expert CFO offers lifetime access and unlimited email support.

What do I actually get when I join?

Once you enroll in The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch™, you'll immediately be emailed your username and password to login to the online course. In the course, you'll find the training videos and be given further instructions on how to register for the weekly live video coaching calls, as well as how to request access to our private student community group. The online course is also where you'll access the bonuses that are included when you enroll (Checklists & Templates, The Expert CFO Pricing Calculator, Professionally Designed Marketing Materials and The Jump Start Marketing Plan). Finally, you also get lifetime access to the course (including all future updates) as well as unlimited email support in addition to discounts off any other courses you purchase from The Expert CFO.

Who is this Dallas Alford guy and why him?

Great question! I owned and scaled a successful CFO consulting firm to well over seven figures and today, I've been helping others start their very own bookkeeping businesses and CFO consulting firms. Based on my experience and expertise, I'm always on the cutting edge of technology, bookkeeping business best practices, CFO consulting tools and strategies for acquiring clients. At The Expert CFO we only work with a small group of students because we work closely with everyone to help ensure their success. We are sincerely committed to the success of everyone we work with and do everything we can to help them reach their goals.


Do I get one-on-one access to Dallas Alford and The Expert CFO support team personally?

Yes! Every week we all meet on a live video call where I share my screen and answer all of your questions related to the training and starting a bookkeeping business. As you know, we only work with a small group of people and this allows us to do these calls and answer each person's questions. In addition, you get unlimited email support from The Expert CFO support team so you never get stuck.

How long is this course and how many hours will it take per week?

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch™ is designed to be completed in 6-8 weeks if you are able to spend about 5 hours per week on the program. However, keep in mind that you should work at your own pace, as everyone's situation is unique. Many of our students work a full-time job while starting their business on the side so they have a limited amount of time to dedicate to the program. We also work with many people who are retired and, as a result, have more time to dedicate to the course on a daily basis. With lifetime access, The Expert CFO support team is here to  support you as long it takes to reach your goals. 

Do I need to be a CPA or have an accounting degree to start a bookkeeping business?

No! In fact, it's been my experience over the course of my career that some of the best bookkeepers don't have a degree or CPA license. They've just focused on the two keys of a successful bookkeeping business: being a great bookkeeper and being great at getting clients, which is what we teach you in this course.  Both of these things can be taught to anyone with a desire to learn! To be honest, being a CPA can put you at a disadvantage because prospective clients assume that bookkeeping services provided by a CPA are going to be overly expensive. 

What if I don't know anything about bookkeeping or QuickBooks?

The Expert CFO will teach you everything you need to know! With the proper coach, bookkeeping and QuickBooks can be learned relatively quickly. We've helped many people build successful bookkeeping businesses and CFO consulting firms with no prior experience.  As long as you come to the table ready to give it 110%, we are here to support you along the way.

What kind of support do I get in this program?

When you enroll in The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch™, you receive all the support you'll need to create the bookkeeping business of your dreams. First, every week we do a live video call where I answer all of your questions. Second, you get access to our private student community group where you can ask questions and get advice from me, The Expert CFO support team and others in the program, and those who have had success with the program and are currently running their own bookkeeping businesses. Finally, you get unlimited email support from The Expert CFO support team so that nothing will stand in the way of your goals.

When does the program start and what happens if I go on vacation and need to take some time off?

You will receive your login username and password immediately upon enrolling in The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch™ so you can start as soon as you like. The program allows you to work at your own pace, and with lifetime access, you don't need to worry if you need to take some time off here and there.

Am I too young or too old to start a bookkeeping business?

No! All your clients will care about is whether or not you're a great bookkeeper. And if you aren't already, we will teach you that. We work with students of all ages and have seen all age groups become successful with starting their own bookkeeping business.  

What if I'm not ready now? Can you hold my spot for a few months?

Unfortunately, we cannot hold your spot. We only work with a small group of people because it allows us to help ensure each person's success. When you decide you are ready, reach back out to us and we will help you get started immediately.  We want you to be 100% ready and committed when you come on board.

Do I need to have sales experience to be successful?

You definitely do not need sales experience to get clients and have a successful bookkeeping business.  In fact, many of the techniques we teach you to get clients actually consist of client's coming to you asking you for help with their bookkeeping services.  This removes the fear of "sales" and even if you are an introvert or have never done sales, you will get clients as long as you follow our program.  

Do we have lifetime access to the course? What about updates?

Yes! You get lifetime access to The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch™ course, including all future updates. We are always adding new lessons, especially regarding new marketing techniques. QuickBooks also makes regular upgrades to its software so we ensure you are on top of all of those changes. We really want you to be successful no matter how long it takes you!

Do I need to be good at math?

Contrary to popular belief, the truth is, you really only need to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide! There are no advanced math skills required to be a great bookkeeper. What's more, QuickBooks does virtually all of the math for us!

As a business owner, will I be working more hours than a typical 9-5?

No! In fact, you'll likely be working less. In some cases, far less! Owning your own bookkeeping business allows you the freedom to work as much or as little as you want while earning the level of income you desire.

Why are you offering this program?

I love accounting and consulting but I discovered a true passion for teaching.  At one point in my career I wanted to get a PhD and become a college professor but I never followed through with it so this must be my calling! The first person I ever helped start an accounting business was a family friend who was impacted by COVID and lost her job.  She approached me and wanted me to teach her how to start her own CFO consulting firm.  She had no bookkeeping experience but she did have the two most important qualities it takes to succeed: determination and a strong work ethic. I taught her exactly what I did to build my successful CFO consulting firm and eventually she was able to grow her firm to over seven figures. I can't tell you how rewarding it felt to be a part of her success. Owning her own business literally changed her life. I knew how liberating it felt to own my own business but when I saw the dramatic impact it had on my her life, I discovered a passion for wanting to help others do the same thing.  That's when The Expert CFO was founded.  To this day we help people with all sorts of backgrounds start successful businesses.

Is there a payment plan to help split the payments up and make it more affordable?

Yes! Our goal is to help as many people (who are serious and dedicated) as possible. Some people just don't have access to the pay-in-full price of $2,497. For people who are serious and dedicated, we offer the option of paying for the program in 12 monthly payments of $249. That's one payment of $249 today, then $249 per month for the next 11 months. Keep in mind that paying in full saves $491 over the payment plan option.

Why is the course so expensive?

As you're talking to prospective bookkeeping clients, you may get this question from time to time as well! Your answer should really focus on helping them see the value of what you're offering and inspire them to make an investment in themselves. 

If we were to offer you a bookkeeping business that provides the income and freedom that you're looking for, what would that be worth to you? I think you'd agree that it'd be worth a whole lot more than $2,497. So the question becomes, do you think that with our support every step of the way, showing you exactly what to do, showing you the exact steps that so many of my other students have taken to build their successful bookkeeping businesses, that you can build yours as well? If so, this turns into one of the best decisions and smartest investments you may make in your professional life.

In addition, keep in mind that we only work with a small group of people which is why we can help ensure our students' success. As a result, we truly believe the cost of The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch™ is fair considering the value and commitment to your success that The Expert CFO team provides.

Finally, consider that landing just one client, even the smallest type of client you'll work with, more than pays for the cost of the course. We've never worked with anyone who wasn't able to get at least one client and we don't plan on that changing!


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