Are you an accountant who is tired of low-level compliance work such as income tax return preparation that your client’s do not place a lot of value on and are not willing to pay significant fees for?

If so, consider adding a CFO advisory service. By doing that, you will be dishing out the expert advice that can take a struggling company from the edge of financial ruin to unprecedented success. This will make you an invaluable complement to the management team who not only can command higher fees but also have a huge positive impact on your clients' lives.

This can be immensely gratifying.

Here is how adding a CFO advisory service to your current offerings can increase professional satisfaction while boosting income:

Unlocks a Profusion of Possibilities

All too many clients see bookkeeping work as merely a commodity—something they only do to keep their company legally compliant. This means that hiring someone to dot their fiscal i's and cross their financial t's is not something that business owners will want to pay top dollar for.

It is not sexy and something they think will help propel their company to the pinnacle of business success. This makes it hard to raise your fees, keeping you stuck in the trap of low-paying compliance work.

By offering a CFO advisory service, you will no longer only generate reports hyper-focused on past financial performance. Instead, you will be using that information to pilot your client's businesses to a better future, unlocking a profusion of possibilities for yourself and them in the process.

With the keen advice you will be dispensing, they will have someone in their corner who can help them navigate their financial ship safely past the dangerous shoals of bad business decisions and into the harbor of solid entrepreneurial success.

A Way to Boldly Differentiate Yourself

Clients pose questions like, “I’m working my butt off, but the bottom line still isn’t looking good—what am I doing wrong?”  to you all day and twice on Sunday. If this is your experience, chances are you could be generating robust income by getting paid to answer these queries instead of only doing routine bookkeeping.

It is a way to boldly differentiate yourself from a sea of cookie-cutter competitors who offer the basics but do not provide the penetrating insights that can have a transformative effect on a business.

Boosts Income

The sky is really the limit with a CFO consulting business. By working with startups and rapidly growing enterprises in desperate need of monthly CFO services, you will be able to significantly boost your earning potential.

The fact is that getting paid to be a trusted business advisor can be so much more lucrative than merely being a numbers cruncher. By going beyond mere compliance work, you will be able to increase your income without taking up more of your already scarce time. What is more, you will be making more money with fewer clients and enjoying what you do a whole lot more.

Increases Satisfaction

You are harboring a secret desire to branch out in other areas—to satisfy that part of you that not only wants to be an accountant but also has a burning desire to help people in a way that is more immediately gratifying than bookkeeping. If so, setting up your own CFO advisor service might be the way to accomplish this dream.

That way, you can take your talent for crunching numbers to a whole new level. There are a lot of struggling businesses out there. With a CFO advisory service, you can provide them with valuable insights that can help free them from the black hole of financial insolvency.

As a fractional CFO, you will not be dispensing the generic advice seemingly taken straight out of a basic “Business 101” book that so many consultants are guilty of doing these days. Instead, you will be using your expertise to address real-world problems your clients are struggling with by crafting an action plan based on their actual needs.

You will be doing something business coaches who learned everything from YouTube videos cannot—measurably boosting ROI. By doing that, you will cultivate a well-deserved reputation as someone who produces solid results. Your clients will see you in a whole new light—not merely as a bean counter but as the catalyst that finally allowed their enterprise to fully realize the original dream of their founder.

You will dive deep into the depths of your clients' dreams so that you can use your keen financial understanding to make them come true. The fresh outsider's perspective you offer can help them see their enterprise with new eyes and, by doing so, invigorate a company that is grown stale.

Gives You Freedom and Flexibility

You will gain firm control of your financial future with a CFO advisory service. If you are working for a huge, soulless accounting firm, starting your own fractional CFO gives you the freedom and flexibility to work the way you want. It is fantastic for people looking to add an income stream to the money they already make or those who are chomping to start their own business.

Go Beyond Compliance Work with Training from The Expert CFO

CFO advisory services are growing in popularity. That is because these days, starting and maintaining a business has never been more challenging.

This means there are a ton of business owners out there who could benefit from a CFO advisory service. With training from The Expert CFO, you can be the sherpa that guides entrepreneurs to ever-greater profitability.

We offer the cutting-edge tools, resources, and well-honed expertise that can help you escape the trap of low-paying compliance work so you can finally get the income you deserve.

With a combined experience of over one hundred years of real-world experience doing what you are about to do, our team practically guarantees your success. Our tried-and-true system has helped numerous accounting and financial professionals make the leap to a satisfying new career offering CFO advisory service.

Moreover, our step-by-step training will have you up and operating your very own CFO consulting business before you know it.

Contact The Expert CFO to get started today!

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