CFO Consulting is the Perfect Business

A message from Dallas L Alford IV, CPA, Founder


Dallas L Alford IV, CPA

I spent most of my career working for a few of the Big 4 accounting firms and had the opportunity to work on clients of all sizes (start-ups all the way up to companies with several billion in revenue) across a wide array of industries. Public accounting served me well as I loved working in client service and learned something new every day.

I finally ventured out of public accounting and attempted to “find myself” while I worked on various freelance engagements.

One day I had the opportunity to work on a totally different engagement that would forever change my career path. A local company that was family owned and had been in business since the early 1900’s all of the sudden lost their controller. I acted as interim controller and provided the company with CFO services. They were so gracious of what I did for them and the value I was able to add was beyond rewarding. Since that first engagement, I never looked back and built a firm around providing CFO services to startups and rapidly growing companies. It never felt like work as I was truly passionate about helping my clients achieve success, not to mention the income I created was far beyond anything I could have made working for a Big 4 accounting firm (I was not on the partner track).

Then one day my path drastically changed. I had a family member lose their job because of the COVID pandemic. They approached me and asked me if I would teach them how to start a CFO consulting firm. I gladly accepted and little did I know just how passionate I would be about teaching others and helping them start successful businesses.

Today, we have a total turn-key business package that provides multiple income streams, marketing techniques that are guaranteed to win clients and we provide unlimited support and training. We’re currently looking for other individuals who want to create their own dream businesses using tools, systems, and technology that we have fine-tuned over the years.

With our personal coaching and support, you’ll learn how to reach your goals without having to depend on someone else. You can overcome any so-called limitations you’ve put on yourself.

The key is having the courage to get out of "the box" and learn new skills that bring with them the power to create financial freedom and to be passionate about what you do.

If you are truly ready to put forth 100% of your efforts, then I challenge you to become greater than your fear of doing something new. At The Expert CFO, we’re here to give you the tools you need and encourage you every step of the way. Most of the consultants who have joined us before you had no previous experience in running their own consulting business. But with our help and guidance, anyone who can follow step-by-step instructions can start a successful CFO consulting business.

Let us help you change your life. Our business is your success.

Dallas L Alford IV, CPA