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General Questions

Do I need to be a licensed CPA or have an MBA to do this?

No. We have trained consultants with varying backgrounds in accounting and finance. Some have had a career as a VP of Finance and wanted to switch gears and others have had only a little experience with bookkeeping. The services and opportunities that exists with a bookkeeping and CFO consulting firm are numerous. The key is to find your niche and build a successful CFO consulting firm around that niche. Our training will teach you everything you need to know to get ramped up and generating revenue quickly.

Do I have to obtain clients myself or do you provide them for me?

We will teach you our proven, step by step marketing methods and strategies and will guide you each step of the way to make sure that you are maximizing your efforts. We offer a 30-day marketing guide that pretty much ensures you will have your first client within 30 days.

Our consultants have also had great success with using our Sales Rep program to assist with landing clients quickly. We will teach you how to hire and utilize sales reps in the accounting industry who are looking to supplement their income.

Does The Expert CFO actively solicit businesses to provide bookkeeping and CFO services?

No, the team at The Expert CFO has realized that our passion is helping our consultants grow their own businesses. We do not compete against our consultants by providing any CFO consulting or bookkeeping services.

How much does it cost to join The Expert CFO network?

We have custom packages tailored to fit your needs and help you start and grow a CFO firm quickly.  Whether you are an individual that has never started a business before and needs a comprehensive business package or you already own an accounting business but want to transition to offering true CFO advisory services, we are here to help you along the way.

Why should I invest with The Expert CFO when I can learn bookkeeping on my own?

People who invest with The Expert CFO have decided they don't want another job but want to start a successful consulting firm with unlimited earning potential. It takes a lot of time and effort to start any business, and any time you can utilize a system that is duplicatable, it gives you the advantage over your competition. Our team has years of experience providing CFO services so when you work with us, there is no need to reinvent the wheel or waste time and money trying to figure things out on your own.

You can go and take a course to become QuickBooks certified but such courses typically don't spend much time on the marketing aspect of the business. That's where The Expert CFO comes in. We will teach how to get businesses interested in the services you provide, and how to start generating revenue as quickly as possible and grow your firm.
We also actually recommend that you don’t do the bookkeeping yourself. This will limit the number of clients you can handle in addition to limiting your potential revenue. The Expert CFO team has a back office in place that can provide you with bookkeeping services at a very reasonable cost so that you can have your bookkeeping done for you while you focus on growing your business.

In addition, there is a big difference between bookkeeping and CFO services. A lot of times tax CPAs just do bookkeeping for businesses in order to produce an income statement at the end of the year for tax return purposes. While important, this is not what your focus will be. You will be providing clients with financial statements every month to show them the results of their operations and to help them make sound business decisions. You will find, if you choose to embark on this journey, that clients tend to place a lot more value on this service and are willing to pay more for it compared to “bookkeeping”.

Should I start out doing this part time or just quit my job today and start?

Everyone’s situation is obviously different. If you are currently working full time and your paycheck is your only source of income, we recommend you start out on a part-time basis and as you pick up clients and build a book of business, you can transition into doing CFO consulting full time. When you join The Expert CFO network, we grant you access to our back office if you need assistance with preparing any bookkeeping, tax returns, etc. This allows you to continue to work full time and grow your business to the point where you can do it full time.

How long will it take for me to get my first client?

Consultants who study our 30-day marketing action plan and perform the steps as instructed typically land their first client within 30 days or so.

If you can’t devote yourself to this business full time, that's OK. We can show you how to build this business part time at first, as several of our consultants have done.

How many consultants are already doing this in my area?

The Expert CFO not a franchise and do not restrict our consultants to any certain territory. Our consultants are free to market anywhere in the U.S. with no restrictions. We are very careful to not oversaturate any market with our consultants, but based on our experience, there are literally thousands of businesses in any given market. Not to mention, you can run a virtual CFO business and market to any business in the U.S. In fact, we encourage you to focus your business efforts on places you like to travel, etc. When you land a client in that area, suddenly expense incurred to travel to your favorite destination to “work with that client” become a write-off.
Even in a geographic area with multiple consultants, there is still enormous potential based on the number of businesses in most metropolitan markets.

Do you offer a live on-site training as part of your package?

We do not offer a live on-site training. The cost to travel to our headquarters, stay in a hotel and purchase food for a week could be substantial for some. We would rather you use this money as part of your marketing budget to get your consulting firm launched ASAP. As soon as you join our network, you will have access to a web based training and support module that consists of over 40 hours of training that was designed by our team of experts. This training can be viewed at your own pace and will allow you to start working on your business immediately while you learn. Our support team is always available via phone, email or the support forum within our training module. We are here to help you and will NEVER hide behind email and phone. We are very hands on and are here to support you.


Financial Questions

How much does it cost to join The Expert CFO network?

There is a one-time investment fee to join The Expert CFO network. You can review that fee on our How Much Does It Cost?  Page and see everything you will receive.

The investment to join The Expert CFO network is substantial. Can’t I just do this on my own?

You can do it on your own if you choose. The amount of money, time, and frustration you will incur going it along will be far more than the cost of joining our consultant network. Trust us, we speak from experience on this one as we learned the hard way. Most of our consultants typically recoup their initial investment within the first year of being in business. Obviously, results will vary but we will do absolutely everything we can in our power to help you achieve success.

What is the income potential that I can expect to see from a CFO consulting firm?

This varies on a case-by-case basis depending on your efforts and the niche you decide to focus on. It is not uncommon to build a six-figure bookkeeping business within the first year or two. Once you establish a book of bookkeeping clients, you will have the ability to implement several of the other services we train you to utilize to generate additional income and add value to your clients. Add the other income streams on top of that and the income potential you can earn is unlimited. Not to mention, once your clients see that you truly are a trusted advisor to their business, you will have the opportunity to provide general CFO services, which can be billed out at hourly rates of $75 - $150 per hour.

You can visit our Income Potential page and input various assumptions into our income calculator to see your earnings potential.

What are the on-going costs to operate a CFO consulting firm?

Typically, the on-going costs to operate a CFO consulting firm are minimal, which is why we love this business model so much. This business can be run from your home so there is no need to rent office space, buy office furniture, etc.

We provide you with access to our back office that can assist you with performing bookkeeping, etc. The rates you will pay for this are very affordable and still leave you a significant’ amount of room for profit once you price your services.

Other costs you may incur depends on the type of business you are seeking to develop and the services you may choose to offer to accomplish your goals. Consultants that join The Expert CFO network have a wide variety of services to choose from and the ability to grow your business to whatever size you choose. For example, some Business Owners simply want a business they can do themselves at home, part time. Others want to earn a full-time income and grow their firm to seven figures plus.

In short, the number and type of clients you want will affect your marketing costs. However, our entire system is very cost efficient and effective and uses tools that get attention and response. Many of the methods taught cost nothing but your time. Others involve sending out marketing materials that you get in your initial package, which you can use as needed.

Comprehensive CFO Services

Bookkeeping Full-service bookkeeping and financial reporting using a web-based ERP system to support businesses of all sizes in any industry.
Full Cycle Accounting
Full-service bookkeeping (cash basis and full accrual), accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory tracking and financial reporting using a web-based ERP system to support businesses of all sizes in any industry.
Payroll, HR & People Services Payroll processing, time tracking & PTO, HR services, employee benefits, compliance support and people services.
A/P Automation Automate the accounts payable process, approval of vendor invoices for payment and remove the headache of getting bills paid.
Tax-Pro Provide your clients with tax preparation services for individual and business income tax returns in addition to providing overall tax planning strategies.
Cost Segregation Providing a properly administered cost segregation study can lead to potential tax savings for clients that own a commercial building.
R&D Tax Credit Help clients identify Federal and state research and development tax credits, enabling them to realize cash tax savings for qualified research activities.
Financial Modeling Assist businesses with preparing financial forecasts, budgeting and financial models to help guide them to success and to implement sound financial plans.
CFO Services Provide businesses with general CFO services by helping interpret their numbers and using sound financial data to support their operations and achieve success.

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