Clients are demanding their advisors help them with the financial operations of their business and are more than willing to pay for such services.

We have the training, tools, years of experience and support team to help you start, grow and scale a successful CFO firm.

At The Expert CFO, we offer an exclusive program just for CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, and finance professionals to help them start offering CFO advisor services that gets results for your clients.

The Expert CFO will show you how to add CFO and advisory services to your firm so you can command higher fees, create recurring revenue, and have a bigger impact on your clients' businesses.

The training and support business package for existing firm owners requires a monthly fee that can be canceled at any time.  It just takes one CFO client per year for you to see a significant return on your membership investment.

The Expert CFO business package for existing firm owners is made up of three main parts:  Software & Services, Training, and Lifetime Support.

Below is a list of all components included in the business package for existing firm owners:

Software & Services
  • Training on Eight Services Your CFO Firm Can Offer
  • Training on Online Web-Based Bookkeeping and Full Cycle Accounting ERP System
  • HR & Payroll Software & Services and Employee Benefit Solutions
  • Accounts Payable Automation – Software & Services
  • Tax Pro – Software & Services for Individual & Business Income Tax Returns
  • Cost Segregation – Accelerate Deprecation Service
  • R&D Tax Credit – Service for Identifying & Filing for R&D Tax Credit for Tax Savings
  • Tax Resolution – Service for Assisting Individuals & Businesses with Back Tax Issues
  • Auto Card Marketing System – Software & Service to Market Your CFO Consulting Firm
  • Forecast – Software & Service to Prepare, CFO Dashboards, Financial Forecasts and Cash Flow Models Click Here to View
  • Access To Any and All-New Software & Services We Offer in the Future
Marketing Materials
  • 30 Day Step-By-Step Marketing Action Plan
  • The Expert CFO Business Analysis Tool
  • The Expert CFO Bookkeeping & CFO Service Pricing Tool
  • Pertinent Articles, News Releases & Information for You to Post to Your Website
  • Downloadable Copies of Contracts, Agreements, Marketing letters, Flyers, Email Templates, Scripts, Proposals, Cover letters, Presentations
  • Auto Card Marketing System to Automate Your Marketing Efforts
  • Access To Our Digital Marketing Platform to Grow Your Online Presence Fast
  • Over 60 Hours of Web-Based Training That Can Be Viewed at Your Own Pace.
  • Online Support and Resources Through Our Consultant Support & Training Forum
  • As Part of Your Ongoing Support, The Expert CFO Team Holds Private Live Webinars and Conference Calls That Inspire, Educate and Motivate Our Consultants. These Are Recorded and Posted on the Consultant Support & Training Forum for Reference.
  • Marketing and Consultant Support by Phone, Email & Our Support Forum by A Team of CPA’s With Over 100 Years of Combined Experience
  • Technical Support for all Software Systems & Services
  • Access to Consultants Support & Training Forum
  • Support for Any New Services We Implement in the Future and Trainings We Offer

Join The Expert CFO Network

By joining The Expert CFO Network, you will gain access to the following:

A complete turn-key business package that provides you with everything you need to start, grow and scale a successful CFO consulting firm.
A proven marketing system that is guaranteed to get leads from qualified businesses that demand CFO services and are more than willing to pay for them.
Over 60 hours of comprehensive web-based trainings that can be watched at your own pace that cover everything you need to know from A to Z to start a CFO firm.
Access to a support team of CPA’s that have a combined experience of over 100 years that are here to support you every step of the way.
Our library of tools, templates, contracts, proposals marketing materials and other resources to help you start a successful CFO consulting firm. 
You’ll be a part of an exclusive network of like minded professionals and consultants that all bring value to the table and are on a mission to add value to business owners one client at a time.

Why Join The Expert CFO

When you join The Expert CFO network, you will become part of an exclusive network of CPA’s, accountants, bookkeepers, and finance

professionals that have a strong passion to serve their clients to the best of their ability while adding value to their businesses.

At The Expert CFO, we teach you how to add CFO advisory services to your existing firm so you can generate higher fees,

create ongoing recurring revenue and add the most value to your clients.

As a part of The Expert CFO network, you’ll be able to:

Position Your Firm – You’ll be able to differentiate your firm and attract high value clients.
Get Support – You’ll have access to a support team that has 100 combined years’ experience to help you every step of the way.
Grow Your Business – You will now have proven marketing techniques, systems, and services to grow your firm to unlimited income potential.
Increase Your Income – You’ll be able to charge more per client, attract high value clients and obtain clients longer, which in turn will be more profitable for your firm.
Escape Low Value Work – You’ll be able to move away from low compliance work such as bookkeeping, and tax that clients aren’t willing to pay for and that eat up your time. 
Attract High Value Clients – You’ll have proven marketing systems and tools to help you consistently attract high value client’s that have no problem paying your fees.
Add More Value – You will have the ability to add more value to your clients by offering CFO advisory services and in turn, will be more passionate about your work. 


Read client consulting reviews for our company.

"The marketing program and training that The Expert CFO offers is exceptional and helped me land my first client in three weeks."

Amy Smathers
franchise opportunities

"Joining The Expert CFO network as a consultant has been one of the best financial decisions I have ever made."

Brian Capleton
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"The Expert CFO Team has top notch support and are truly experts in this field."

D. smith
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"I could not have grown my CFO firm to where it is today without The Expert CFO team."

Jill Davis

"After joining The Expert CFO network, I recouped my initial investment in my first year of business."

Robert Jones

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Why choose us?

Comprehensive CFO Services

Bookkeeping Full-service bookkeeping and financial reporting using a web-based ERP system to support businesses of all sizes in any industry.
Full Cycle Accounting Full-service bookkeeping (cash basis and full accrual), accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory tracking and financial reporting using a web-based ERP system to support businesses of all sizes in any industry.
Payroll, HR & People Services Payroll processing, time tracking & PTO, HR services, employee benefits, compliance support and people services.
A/P Automation Automate the accounts payable process, approval of vendor invoices for payment and remove the headache of getting bills paid.
Tax-Pro Provide your clients with tax preparation services for individual and business income tax returns in addition to providing overall tax planning strategies.
Cost Segregation Providing a properly administered cost segregation study can lead to potential tax savings for clients that own a commercial building.
R&D Tax Credit Help clients identify Federal and state research and development tax credits, enabling them to realize cash tax savings for qualified research activities.
Financial Modeling Assist businesses with preparing financial forecasts, budgeting and financial models to help guide them to success and to implement sound financial plans.
CFO Services Provide businesses with general CFO services by helping interpret their numbers and using sound financial data to support their operations and achieve success.
Are you ready to start your CFO consulting firm and change your destiny and financial position?