CFO Training Program

Discover How Regardless of Your Experience, We Have A Program That Will Help You Start A Profitable Bookkeeping or Accounting Business Today

Watch the following video to learn how we can help you start a bookkeeping business even if you have no experience, or if you do have experience, how you can start a full service accounting firm.

The Expert Bookkeeper Business and Accounting Firm Launch

The Expert Bookkeeper Business Launch

(for individuals with no experience)

-Bookkeeping Bootcamp

-Over 120 Hours of Web-Based Trainings

-Weekly Live Training Webinars

-Proven Marketing Tools to Get Clients FAST!

-Exclusive Members Only Community

-Access to Our Back Office Support Team

-Unlimited Access & Updates

-Lifetime Course Discounts

-Bonus #1 – Professionally designed Marketing Materials

-Bonus #2 – Checklists and Templates

-Bonus #3 – Jumpstart Marketing Plan

-Bonus #4 - Bookkeeping Pricing Tool

The Expert Accounting Firm Launch

(for individuals with accounting experience)

-Accounting Firm Bootcamp

-Over 160 Hours of Web-Based Trainings

-Weekly Live Training Webinars

-Bookkeeping, Full-Cycle Accounting, Income Tax Preparation, Payroll, HR and Tax Strategies

-Chartered Tax Professional Certification

-Exclusive Members Only Community

-Unlimited Access & Updates

-Lifetime Course Discounts

-Bonus #1 – Professional Marketing Materials

-Bonus #2 – Checklists and Templates

-Bonus #3 – Jump Start Marketing Plan

-Bonus #4 – Chartered Tax Professional Certification

-Bonus #5 – Accounting Pricing Tool


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CFO Training Program

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