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Learn How A Bookkeeping Business Is the Perfect Business You Can Start With No Experience to Immediately Boost Your Income

Start a six figure bookkeeping business that gives you the income and flexibility you have always dreamed of.

Attendees will receive the #1 tool that is guaranteed to generate thousands of dollars in fees every month.

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Learn Why Bookkeeping Services Are In Demand and
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Why bookkeeping services are in high demand and how a bookkeeping business is the simplest most reliable and recession proof business to start.


How anyone, regardless of education or experience can start a successful bookkeeping business that can generate thousands of dollars in income every single month.

CFO Training Program

Why bookkeeping services are the most profitable services being offered in the accounting industry today and why you need to capitalize on it IMMEDIATELY!

CFO Training Program

Step-by-Step proven systems and techniques to show you how to start a bookkeeping business or even a full-service accounting firm that will easily generate six figures in annual income.


Meet Your Instructor


Hi, I’m Dallas Alford IV, CPA founder of The Expert CFO.  I spent most of my career working for the Big 4 accounting firms working with both public and private companies.  After leaving the Big 4, I started a successful CFO consulting firm that I scaled to well over seven figures. I truly loved servicing clients and running my CFO firm.  

Today, I run The Expert CFO where we teach individuals with backgrounds in accounting, finance, and bookkeeping how to start, grow and scale their own successful CFO firms and also help individuals start their own bookkeeping firms.  My passion truly is working with individuals daily and helping them achieve success.

As an insider that has run a successful CFO firm, I’m going to give you the inside view on how to start a bookkeeping business or even a full-service accounting firm and help you transition to offering CFO advisory services.  Regardless of your background and experience, there is a niche for you in bookkeeping and accounting and I’m going to show you why a bookkeeping business truly is the perfect business and how you too can start a successful bookkeeping business.  That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in these three classes.  Register below to get started now as you don’t want to miss this!

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CFO Training Program

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