When you are considering starting a new business or looking into a business opportunity, there are many decisions that need to be made during that process. Starting a business from scratch is certainly an option but the amount of time, cost, and hours it will take to move up the learning curve can be substantial.

A more viable option is to consider a business opportunity where you are purchasing a package or proven system that that has been created by experts that have successfully run a similar business. While the benefits of going with a business opportunity are many, some of the key benefits are having access to a proven system and process, having a team to support you along the way, and the ability to get started with your business immediately.

When exploring a business opportunity, it is imperative that you know exactly how the seller of the business opportunity can support you with your new business endeavor. Working with the right team and purchasing a business opportunity that provides a proven track record and superior support will ultimately contribute to your overall success.

At The Expert CFO, we offer a comprehensive package of CFO services and provide the necessary training, support, and tools that individuals need to start, grow, and scale a successful CFO firm.

We have outlined below, at a minimum, what we offer and how we help individuals start, grow and scale successful CFO firms:

  1. We Offer Comprehensive CFO Services - The Expert CFO offers a comprehensive package of CFO services that you can offer your end client which in turn creates multiple revenue streams for your CFO firm. These are proven services that are in demand in the marketplace and will position you as the expert and will allow you to assist your clients with full cycle accounting, payroll & HR, forecasting & modeling, accounting automation and tax strategy.


  1. We Provide Over 60 Hours of Web-Based Training - The Expert CFO provides over 60 hours of web-based training that covers anything and everything you can think of. Topics include getting your CFO firm started, a deep dive into each service you can offer, our Accounting & Finance bootcamp, marketing your firm, landing the client, scaling you firm and resources for your CFO firm. We are always adding new training to further enhance your skills.


  1. We Provide The Best of Support - When you join The Expert CFO network, you will have immediate access and support from a team of CPA’s that have over one hundred years of combined CPA experience. These are CPA’s that have backgrounds in tax, forecasting and modeling and have been in the trenches before and know what it takes to successfully run a CFO firm. We are here to help you succeed in any way that we can. Our business is your success!


  1. We Provide Professionally Designed Marketing Materials - We provide marketing materials that consist of marketing brochures for each service you can offer and a professionally designed website that is ready to market your firm and is optimized to enhance your digital presence. We do not want you wasting time designing marketing materials, we want you out in the field getting clients, so we have already done the hard work for you!


  1. We Provide A Digital Marketing Platform - Access to our online digital marketing platform that allows you to put your online marketing on autopilot to generate leads and develop an online presence with ease so that you can grow your CFO firm as fast and as big as you would like.


  1. Jump Start Marketing Plan - We provide a proven jump-start marketing plan that uses specific techniques and strategies that typically lands consultants their first client within the first 30 to 45 days. This is imperative because we want you focused on growing your firm and working on your business and not in your business.


  1. Modeling & Forecasting Software - We provide and train you on our CFO forecasting and modeling software that provides a dashboard summary of your client’s financial position and assists you with creating cash forecasts and financial statement forecasts. This literally allows you to offer CFO services with ease and your clients will love seeing all their metrics in a dashboard style format.


  1. We Provide Access to Back Office Support - We provide you with back-office support using the same strategy and techniques that the Big 4 firms and regional firms do with their outsourced accounting services. Our back office can assist you with the day-to-day accounting so that you can focus on growing your firm and maximize your firm’s profitability. This is imperative to scaling your firm to seven figures.


  1. Step-By-Step Instructions to Help You Start, Grow and Scale a CFO Firm - At The Expert CFO, we teach you from Day 1 how to start, grow and scale your firm by implementing processes and people so that you can quickly scale your firm to seven figures. It is imperative that you begin working on your business from the start. This will ensure your firm grows at a rapid pace.


  1. Lifetime Access to Our Training, Support and Services - When you become a part of The Expert CFO network of consultants, you will have lifetime access to our training, support, and services. Our support team is always here to help you achieve success and we are constantly looking for new services and trainings we can provide to help our consultants achieve success and earn additional income streams. Our business is your success!!!

As you can see the business package, tools, training and support we provide at The Expert CFO are quite extensive. We are constantly looking for new tools, methods, and services in the marketplace that we can bring to the table for our consultants that will allow them to add more value to their end clients and in turn, increase their CFO firm’s revenue.

We truly love helping individuals achieve success and we live by our slogan that our business is your success!

If you’d like to talk to us about joining our network of consultants and starting your own CFO firm, contact us today to talk to one of our team members.

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